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My name is Marieke and working with ceramics. Porcelain became a fascination for me during my study Product Design at ArtEZ and enhanced through my visit at the ceramic city’s: Arita, Japan and Jingdezhen, China where I also did a work period. Within the knowledge that I gained I am working for myself but also manufacture for others.

As a ceramist and product designer I am trying to find the extreme what is possible with porcelain, but that is still has a functional approach, that is really important for me. I do this by stacking and assemble with different basic shapes. Through this work method I can play with shapes and approach existing functions in new ways. Within this system I create a database of possibilities for myself.

The workshop is based in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. My workshop is a place where I manufacture and produce porcelain products. Besides production, it is also a place where I can play with shapes and never stop experimenting to create new products for everyday use.

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